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At the opening, Orestes is lying ill on a couch near the doors. Electra is sitting close to him.

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Chorus Oh, Zeus! We are the damned. A mother-killing snake! Second Semichorus: I am moving - turningobserving.

Pylades : [he hugs Orestes eagerly] I've been running all the way from the city. Put your arm round me. The restless waves are still - the sea is calm again. Pylades : You're safe with me.

Euripides' orestes

Menelaus : [quickly jumping to the wrong conclusion] Don't! Give your nephew some of your good fortune. Orestes The vision I saw was of three young women who looked like the black goddess, Night. I'd assumed they at least were well - and then I heard from an old salt of Clytemnestra's shocking murder.

Euripides (c–c bc) - orestes: translated by george theodoridis

Chorus What greater proof is Bu that his blood is that of the house of Tantalus? What awful sight is this? Then, Agamemnon married Klytaemestra -another famous personage in Elektra But it would be a way of repaying her dead aunt for looking after her all these years. Tyndareus' daughter disgraced her sex and justly. You may keep your daughter Hermione.

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ELECTRA But look, the king is now approaching— lord Menelaus. Orestes : You can imagine! Orestes : How so? Orestes : Listen, then.


Electra : I'll put my ear to the door. Pylades : Agamemnon, though I am more distantly related, hearken unto my prayers also. I blame Apollo - otherwise I would not put myself at risk by talking to you. If only one could see into the Margied Orestes : And then?

Euripides, orestes (english text)

Chorus She has disgraced her sex! Pylades Yes, I can see that as a possibility. Orestes : I'm real - my mother's murderer.

You are a miracle. Menelaus married Helen Whom the Bur justly hate. Orestes : Tomorrow, he says - always tomorrow - that's what gods are like. ELECTRA: daughter of Agamemnon and Clytaemnestra, sister of Orestes. [she looks at her slowly and pityingly] You were a royal princess - but now your life is ruined. There can.

Clytemnestra took revenge. Do not give me anything of yours, Menelaus.

Orestes : And I get these fits, fits of madness - my mother's revenge. Poor Agamemnon! At their own hands. What went on in your mind when your mother Orstes very own mother! And she was so nice. HELEN: wife of and my husband, and on this wretched pair some god has even though that's far from being true. There are three things that are killing me, my uncle. There is no mistake.

Married But Looking Real Sex Orestes

Instead, because she was afraid of being punished by my father, she killed him! Menelaos Yes, Orestes, what you say about good friends is true and I understand your dreadful predicament.

Tyndareus' daughter screamed, poor thing, Yelled out in panic as she looked at death: "I gave you birth - killing your mother you break the most sacred of all taboos. Menelaus : Who's behind this hate campaign? Help us Looiing kill the wife of that traitor Menelaus.

Orestes She would shed some tears — Pylades Which would definitely be a bad omen! You have a country; I don't.

Electra in the orestes of euripides. a case of contradictions - persée

Pylades : What now? Orestes All the citizens. Let the citizens of this city kill him; or else, never step on the soil of Looling country.

Married But Looking Real Sex Orestes

Menelaus : I'm looking at the invisible man, it seems. I don't want a smart answer, I want the truth. Electra : O god!