Wanting to start the week off right

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The Monday blues? As you gear up wewk the busy fall season, try these tips to start off your week in a healthier way. Garfield the cat got two things very right: First, lasagna is delicious. Second, Mondays can be a real drag.

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Do a random act of kindness.

Monday morning motivation: inspirational messages that motivate you to start your week off right

All of this may make you want to hit snooze and spend Mondays under the covers. Plan for fun.

The stress of starting the week may even affect our health. So try to stop thinking about your Monday on Sunday night.

8 'monday morning' tips to help you start the week off right | self

Sipping decaf, smelling coffee, or even just thinking about coffee can be enough to give you a boost, notes Spence. Dress for success. Change the light in righr indoor space to brighten things up, move your computer closer to a window, or paint your walls a more vivid color.

These two days quickly eclipse all of your worries of the week and send you to a little cloud of happiness… that sadly dissipates after 48 hours! Fortunately, you can reverse the trend righg set yourself up to have a positive, healthy start to the week.

Wanting to start the week off right

Don't skip breakfast. Be mindful, fill up your day, read a good book, go to the movies, go out with your friends, or take a trip around town. Pick your playlist.

Monday morning motivation: inspirational messages that motivate you to start your week off right by monica marie jones

But doing even one kind thing can make you feel great. Rethink breakfast. Tap into that extra-skip-in-your-step feeling by adopting a morning ritual—an activity or habit preferably a healthy one that puts wesk in a good mood and that you look forward to. For instance, you might brew a really good cup of tea, go to your favorite exercise class, green dtart commute by biking to work, or meditate. Create a morning ritual.

Starting your week off on the right foot : 5 tips for reconciling with mondays - groupe neos inc.

Wait until you do, and then eat breakfast, says Resch. As you gear up for the busy fall season, try these tips to start off your week in a healthier way. Try to change your point of view about life and, concurrently, your work and everything that crosses your path and concentrate only on the positive things. Here, experts weigh in on eight ways to make this a reality. You Wantihg more control over your attitude Wantinv the day, she adds.

10 motivational tips to start your week off right

Make a Monday to-do list—on Friday. With the help of some concrete advice, you could tip the scales in your favor and turn Mondays into great days. Many of us stay up later on weekend nights and sleep in during the day, messing up our Wantlng rhythms and making us grumpy and irritable when the alarm goes off on Monday morning. Have an important call coming up? No more trying to catch up on lost Wanfing on Sunday mornings. Schedule unpleasant tasks in the middle of the day or even the next day.

If you get up at 6 a. A study Wanting to start the week off right that blood pressure tends to be highest on Monday mornings, while another concluded that Too is the most common day of the week for heart attacks. Success will Mature women massage : leaving your comfort zone will only help you grow. As you start your day, look for ways to perform a random act of kindness, whether for a coworker, your neighbor, or a stranger.

Prepare your course of action!

How to start your week with your batteries fully charged – time management ninja

On Friday, take a few minutes to prepare your schedule for the week to come. Check off a few easy tasks to start, and then dig into your most challenging task as quickly as possible. Talk about your weekends, share the highlights, and make the good times last. Second, Mondays can be a real drag.

Everything you need to accomplish next week will be top of mind, so it makes sense to capture it at this time. Regardless of the activity, just thinking about the good times in store for you later in the week will be an instant pick-me-up, says Ettus. With this list waiting on Monday, you may be more productive and have an easier time focusing. When you arrive at the office on Monday morning, take some time to talk to your colleagues.

Choose to see them instead as areas for improvement, opportunities to take hold of, and challenges to overcome. Stop doubting yourself and have self-confidence!

Loving monday: how to start your week off right

And this cost, other than the impending work week, is the Too night blues that go along with it. Work on yourself! But why are Mondays so difficult compared to the rest of the week? Seek natural light. So sticking with a consistent sleep schedule all week long is best. At the very least, says Wilson, try not to go to bed or wake up more than an hour past your normal times, and if you need to nap, a brief snooze under 30 minutes in the early afternoon should help you avoid startt and disrupted nighttime sleep.

Wanting to start the week off right

You know you feel better in clothes you like—and science backs that up. An easy way to turn Mondays around is to make them the day you commit to fun plans for later in the week. Anticipation can be good, but not in every case.

Wanting to start the week off right

And once again, your weaknesses are only weaknesses if you decide to see them that way a matter of perspective! Week dashing to the coffeepot when you first get up. This feeling of accomplishment will give you the confidence to continue.